Easton Mako BBCOR Bat

The BBCOR Mako bat from Easton is designed with one thing in mind – Get a massive barrel through the zone as fast as possible.

Speed + Mass = Power

The latest carbon fiber recipe to come out of the Easton laboratory is the new TCT Thermo Composite Technology. Easton was able to get the barrel about one inch longer in the Mako BBCOR, compared to the S1 BBCOR. Check out this picture of a 32/29 Mako (2014) next to a 33/30 S1 (2014).

Easton Mako BBCOR vs S1 BBCOR Barrel Lenght

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  1. Mara Crist says:

    I am the President of a Local Little League in California and we are hoping to get a representative from your COmpany to come out for our Opening Day on 03/01/2014. Maybe bring some promotional items to give away and or sell. Would like to speak with someone regarding this. Thank you.

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